For a complete list of candidates endorsed by SDCDP, click here.
Dave Roberts for County Supervisor of District 3
Patrick Malloy for House Representative of Congressional District 50
Andrew Masiel for CA State Assembly District 75
Mark Anderson for SD County Board of Education District Four

♦ County candidates discuss landfill, development
♦ Re-Elect Dave Roberts for County Supervisors
District_3_Forum2♦ District 3 Candidates Spar on Growth
♦ Ethics complaints against Hunter
♦ Poll Workers Needed for June 7 Election
♦ A County Climate Action Plan In The Work!
♦ Voting in Primary Election?
♦ One Person, One Vote Upheld

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Escondido Democrats Remember Our Fallen Heroes

Pat Molloy and Tom Cowan presenting EDC’s wreath at the Memorial Day Service.

“On this Memorial Day, as in the past, we fly the flag proudly and decorate the graves of the fallen. And as we honor their memory and show appreciation for their sacrifices, let us cherish the freedom they paid for with their blood and vow that we never send our men and women into harm’s way without the equipment, numerical strength and rules of engagement they need to get the job done and come home safely.”

Andrew Masiel2

Above are Andrew Masiel, who is running for the CA State Assembly District 75, and his wife in the Valley Center Democratic Club parade float in Valley Center Memorial Day Parade on May 28.

J.F. Kelly, a resident of Coronado, is a retired Navy captain who commanded three San Diego-based ships and a naval laboratory. Read his full commentary here.

Democrats North Inland Campaign Office Grand Opens

DaveRoberts3Above, Dave Roberts, the incumbent San Diego County Supervisor representing District 3, spoke to his supporters at the grand opening of the San Diego County Democratic Party North Area Inland Campaign Office at 1110 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido. Please volunteer to help.
MalloyMassiel Photo to the left: Patrick Malloy (center) and his wife (right) talking to former Mayor of Escondido, Jerry Harmon. Malloy is running for US House Representative of District 50. Photo on the right: Andrew Masiel and his wife. Masiel is running for CA State Assembly of District 75.

Anne Olmsted talked “Money in Politics”

AnneOlmstedSpeakAnne Omsted from the League of Women Voters (LWV) North County San Diego spoke on “Money in Politics” at the May 14, 2016 EDC meeting. Mrs. Olmstead detailed the facts about money in politics, including Citizens United, and the resulting Pacs and Super Pacs. Some important data compares the amount of money donated, state-by-state. California leads the way, having donated $67 million to this campaign cycle. The runners-up are Texas, New York, and Florida. That is a challenge for us to face. An unanticipated consequence of Citizens’ United is that candidates can be targeted by donations made to a more “harmless” Pacs and Super Pacs. Public dissatisfaction over individuals making huge donations has resulted in these donations now being hidden in donations to Pacs which do not disclose those donors. meeting0514 A study on public policy studies where the candidates gave support, it found that there is a “misalignment” between corporations (lobbyists) and the resulting support of those ideas over the interests of the constituents. Policy points (from LWV) 1. How can we regulate donations? 2. Do 1st Amendment Rights overshadow other guarantees in the Constitution (Amendment 14) Voter suppression can not be allowed! 3. Who can express opinions in media – individuals? Corporations? 4. Can we get transparency about donations? Do we know asap, or after an election? 5. Are there remedies to the “misalignment” of elected officials relationship with big donors over constituents? meeting514

Toni Atkins Spoke at Lake San Marcos Democratic Club Toni Atkins was the first lawmaker from San Diego to be elected Speaker. She is currently representing the 78th district. Atkins is running for the state senate and is endorsed by San Diego County Central Committee. She was the guest speaker for the May 14 meeting of Lake San Marcos Democratic Club. More than 100 people showed up to hear from the former California State Assembly Speaker.

Kentucky Derby Party Winners

KentukeyWinnerPictured to the left: Kentucky Derby Horse Bet Winner: Pam Bland from Lake San Marcos Democratic Club. She donated the winning award cash back to EDC club. Thanks, Pam! Pictured below: Winners of the Derby Hat Contest. From left: Marilyn (2nd), Betty (3rd) and Richard (1st) Powers. Get your creative juice flowing and bet on a winning star; be sure to join us for the fun next year!HatWinner

The challenges are great for us as a club, and as Democrats in a presidential election year. We look forward to working together in a show of unified commitment to promote the values that bind us as a political family.