Don’t miss the primo event of the season –
the Kentucky Derby Party

Time: May 7 (Saturday), 1:30 PM
Place: 3206 Oakwood Lane, Escondido, CA
DerbyJoin EDC members and friends to the premier “Run for the Roses”- the 142th Kentucky Derby! Enjoy an afternoon of fun and excitement, games, raffle, hat contest, great food, drink, and traditional Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps!

The fundraiser event benefits EDC’s Political Action fund. Ticket are $25 per person, $40 per couple. RSVP – reserve your space by using PayPal on the EDC website, or contact Chris Nava at (760) 735-9802., or email to

EDC Members heard from new City Manager

CityManager1New City Manager, Graham Mitchell gave an entertaining and informative talk at EDC’s April General Meeting.  Mitchell grew up in Virginia, near Washington D.C. His father worked for the CIA, and Mitchell’s family often discussed government over their dinner table. Mitchell confessed that while in high school, he would often skip class and go into Congressional meetings, masquerading in the traditional garb of Congressional pages. Because of his early background, Mitchell though he would want to work for the federal government, possibly as a diplomat. As an undergraduate at BYU, he majored in international relations, specializing in US/Chinese relations. One summer he served as an intern in a Department of Defense office. His time was spent on developing a very short letter to a Hungarian counterpart of the D.O.D. His letter was passed from department to department, and was changed on every pass. The letter was finally rewritten by his boss’s secretary, and then passed muster. That experience somewhat tainted his view of the federal government. EDCOlgaSo, he decided to study public administration when he was in grad school at U.S.C. During that time he had an internship with the city of Monterey Park, a city with a large Chinese-American population. One day, Mitchell received a complaint from a Monterey Park resident about a pothole at the end of her driveway she couldn’t avoid hitting. Mitchell went down the hall to the public works department, where it was discovered that a road repair team was just a short distance from the pothole at the end of the lady’s driveway, and could swing by after their current repair job to fill in the pothole. The next day Mitchell received a plate of cookies from the lady. That’s when he decided he wanted to be a city manager. Mitchell’s working experiences led him to aim to simplify the forms and procedures required by the cities he worked for. His work under one very difficult city manager, who created an atmosphere that seemed to suck the creativity out of the staff, made him determined to always treat everyone with respect. EDCmeeting0409Mitchell was City Manager of Farmersville, a city of about 10,000 in Tulare County for three years. Because the staff in Farmersville was so small, he was often the one who filled in for absentees. He did everything from catching stray dogs and code enforcement to developing the city’s budget, an experience that gives him “street cred” with his staff. In 2003 Mitchell became the City Manager of Lemon Grove, where he served until coming to Escondido last year. Mitchell said he had three basic principles. First, he believes every employee needs to add value, give excellent customer service, and give 100 percent. Second, the ability to learn is as important as the knowledge one has. The body of knowledge doubles every year now. Third, every employee must treat everyone kindly. In her introduction to Mitchell, City Councilwoman Olga Diaz said that Mitchell had made her working environment at city hall infinitely more pleasant, so he seems to be living up to his principles. Chris

The challenges are great for us as a club, and as Democrats in a presidential election year. We look forward to working together in a show of unified commitment to promote the values that bind us as a political family.