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June 5 2018 Primary

An important election is happening on June 5. Click here for a voter's guide from the San Diego County Democratic party.

Last day to register to vote in the June 5 primary: May 21

Last day to apply to vote by mail: May 29

Register to vote 

If you are 18 years old, you can register to vote. If you are 16 or 17 you can pre-register now; you will then be automatically registered when you turn 18.

You can register or pre-register online here:, or if you prefer to register by mail, call the Registrar of Voters Main Office at 858-565-5800 and ask them to mail you a form, or request a voter registration card next time you come to an EDC meeting.

Not sure if you are registered properly? You can check online here: You can also find out what voting districts you are in at that site.

Have you moved or changed information?
If you have moved or changed any information that was previously on your voter affidavit, then you need to file a new form. You can also sign up to be a Permanent Vote by Mail voter by filling out either the online form or the paper form.

EDC Endorsements
Thanks to all the EDC members who came to our January and March meetings and participated in our endorsement votes. We are pleased to announce the following endorsements:

Escondido Mayor: Paul McNamara

Escondido City Council District #1: Consuelo Martinez

Escondido City Council District #2: Vanessa Martinez

San Diego County Sheriff: Dave Myers

San Diego County Superior Court Judge: Matt Brower

CA 75th State Assembly: Alan Geraci

CA 38th State Senate: Jeff Griffith

50th Congressional District: Ammar Campa-Najjar



Democratic party links

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Elected official links

Escondido City Council Members:
Contact the President:
Contact Senator Boxer:
Contact Senator Feinstein: 
Contact Governor Brown:

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